SuperGreen Me (The Ecoshop) is an eco-friendly store where you can find a variety of products and brands that all promote the same values and vision : a better way of consumption and a zero waste mentality.The founders, Alexia and Valérie Berckmans goal is to increase public awareness of the need for a more sustainable lifestyle.The store opened it's doors in the the Brussels Dansaert area in 2008.

There's a long list of products you can find in the shop :

- Children and adult clothing

- Cosmetics

- Hygiene products

- Underwear

- Accessories ... and so much more

All the items mentioned above are aligned with the brands two main criteria :

1- Respect for human health : meaning no use of chemicals that are toxic and harmful for human bodies, therefore our products have all received one of the certified organic labels (Ecocert, Cosmébio...).

2- low ecological footprint : the impact on the environment has to be minimal, they have to be biodegradable and priority is given to European producers, more precisely to the Belgian ones in order to support local producers, reduce pollution caused by long distance transportation and to have transparency over the employees working conditions.

At SuperGreen Me, our mission is to help you make better choices, for you, for us !