The Ecoshop is a shop that promotes everyday ecology and its accessibility to everyone. It opened its doors in the Brussels Dansaert area at the end of 2008. Its name « SuperGreen Me », meant as a nod, reveals the motivation of its founders, Alexia and Valérie Berckmans, to increase public awareness of the need for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Different categories of products can be found on the shop’s shelves. You will find there, among other things, cosmetic and hygiene products, infant care items, clothes’ collections for adults and children, underwear, shoes, accessories, household linen and upkeep products.

All the proposed items were chosen according to two main criteria: their low ecological footprint and their respect for human health.

First, their impact on the environment has to be minimal, as far as the choice of raw material and design are concerned, but also transport or waste disposal. The different products come either from recycling or from organic farming, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and haven’t been tested on animals. They also have to be quickly biodegradable and/or have a recyclable packaging. Priority was also given to European producers, and preferably to Belgian ones, so as to support local craftsmen and producers. This choice also allows avoiding extra air pollution related to long distance transport as well as easier control of the employees’ working conditions.

As far as the second criterion – respect for human health – is concerned, cosmetic and hygiene products as well as clothes and other textiles have all received one of the certified organic labels (Cosmébio, Ecocert, …), which guarantee the absence of chemicals that are toxic for the human body and, specifically, for that of children, which is more fragile.