The great come back!


Basic yet essential, the t-shirt makes its great come back at Supergreen me :) 

Along with classical sweaters and hoodies ! For gentlemen but not only ;) Made entirely of organic cotton Monsieur t-shirt participates in changing the terrible habits of the fashion industry. 

Sustainably clean .



We are very happy to welcome some new organic and zero waste soaps by werfzeep in the shop! 

They are good for all purposes: hair, skin, hands, etc, there is even one to clean everything at home! For every taste with a wide range of delicious flavors.
Gentle both for you, and for our planet ;)


Gentlemen only !


Mr_manchette has recently been joined by sizable in the shop for the greatest pleasures of our beloved men.
Yes, we do think about you and want you to feel at ease wearing our shirts, underwear, socks or even undershirts. So let’s have an organic & fair try, just come by.


Winter essentlials !


Last discovery? Super stylish socks in organic cotton, that’s not usual yet & they now decorate our shop’s shelves. They will be yours for only 7,5 euro the pair! Sometimes judged as secondary, socks can often be neglected.

But every good day starts with a good pair of socks! Colorful, bold, funny or simply chic socks are great accessories we can never get tired of playing with.